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Adventure of Galaxy

Posted by Roory L on

Galaxy Note 8 must not let you down.

Last August, we all have witnessed that the smartest phone turned into the most dangerous grenade in your hand. This little grenade was not welcomed in public areas particularly in all airports. I am sure you know what we are going to talk about.

'Samsung Galaxy Note 7'

Samsung underwent tough years since 2016 so far, even if they put remarkable efforts on their new S series.

But it is time to put Samsung on a strict test regarding their Note series, the previous model was the most problematic device for Samsung’s entire mobile phone chronicle, – even for whole mobile phone industry-. Beforehand Samsung announces Galaxy S8, documentary-type of advertisement filmed the lab where Samsung does safety test for every single item, new S and Note model.



You must have seen the commercial if you watched TV or went to cinema at that time. Samsung has to show and prove that further devices made by them are completely safe as the incident wasn’t ‘something is not working properly’ but it was extremely fatal, could took someone’s life by any chance.


Although the Galaxy S8 flagship sold without a repeat of the Note 7's battery fires, the Note 8 is Samsung's first opportunity to erase the Note 7's black mark against that particular model. by Gordon Gottsegen via Cnet


It’s been 3 months since S8 / S8+ were released and fortunately, there is no significant issue so far. Innovation always comes with challenge and unexpected problem but further problem will never be tolerated by customers.

Are you willing to give another chance to Samsung for their new Note series? Well, we still have a plenty of time to think about it. Samsung will announce Galaxy Note 8 on 23rd August, rumours and leaks have been unrolled, some of leaked pictures give a brief sketch for Note 8. Don’t forget, major competitors; LG V30 and 10th anniversary of iPhone will also be released and greet you soon.


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