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Be more Red and Green. It is Christmas!

Posted by Roory L on



This is the most wonderful time of the year.

Nearly Christmas everyone. I cannot imagine how much you guys are excited about it! Most towns and villages are already covered with full of Christmassy mood, especially central London is all about Christmas with one of the most beautiful public lightings all around high streets. Anyone who celebrates Christmas season, they also decorated their houses and gardens with their own style. It is always nice to see how people embellish their own property in many different ways.

Speaking of Christmas, something red and green is necessary for boosting Christmas mood. Red and green are main colours of Christmas. Red refers colour of holly berries, apples on the paradise tree, or blood of Jesus what commonly said. Green is obviously a colour of evergreen tree. It is a combination of magic that if two different colours; red and green are set beside each other, one instantly thinks ‘Oh, it is so Christmassy’ I hope you also feel a Christmas spirit from this website.

Our office also added a bit of Christmas with Christmas tree, lights, wall decorations, as well as Christmassy daily dress. And I let our products make themselves comfortable to be a part of Christmas decorations.




It is not just the biggest festive season of the year, but also the beginning of new year. So I hope that you’re enjoying the biggest offer from VRS Design, up to 70% off for almost all product. And we are gladly offer you free worldwide delivery for the first time. Just don’t forget to add few things more for your family or friends until reaching £40. It is the most wonderful time to get some favourites for you, your family and friends!

Happy Merry Christmas to All

Roory, VRS Design

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