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How I get ready to organise newsletter


You might have noticed, VRS Design newsletter has been launched through this website. Thanks to all subscribers who signed in so far! I hope everyone who signed in has received a welcome email without hassles. I am currently self-learning how to make an effective but not too much marketing-like email to our subscribers. By the way, I am an expert of receiving and opening marketing emails! So I have got a plenty of good resources.

The only problem is, most of marketing emails in my inbox, are from fashion companies always containing cool and chic lifestyle photos with their beautiful fashion items. But I do not think there is any huge obstacles about that as I am working with mobile fashion items which are also daily clothing for mobiles. They are already a part of your daily life as well as daily fashion.  

So I decided to focus on a concept of newsletter as a human-centric style rather than tech-centric one. There is couple things to consider how to make email campaigns attractive enough to drag readers’ attention.


  1. Organise for quick reading

Drag subscribers’ attention within 15 seconds. It is inevitable to put an eye-catching promotion or event section on the top.  

  1. Engaging human and authenticity 

Campaign email will talk about a mobile phone accessory. People are already tired of computer graphic image and copied and pasted human parts (hands in most cases). It is my priority to diminish this kind of computer-like uncanniness, rather greet my subscribers as an individual person, not as a group of email receivers. Also, this is what I am trying to do in our instagram 

  1. Set your(company’s) tone of voice

I am really good at this I am sure. Extremely formal to customers.

But a bit of change is needed for reader-centred email. I put a bit of friendliness, humour and casualness in my tone of voice, but always keep that in my mind, I am speaking to everyone on behalf of VRS Design.


I think I’ve wrote too much thing in this issue number 1. First thing is first, I am on the track for a newsletter for next month. I hope I can practice these three focuses above and achieve them slowly but surely.

Bye for now.

Roory (try to be more friendly than before from now on)  


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