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Practicing product authentication


Hello folks, it’s Roory.

Have you got a second email from us last week? I wrote that I tried to engage some reality-like feature in emails, but I think a real ‘reality’ is not ready to put in yet! So I made some simple and minimalistic imagery for our 2nd newsletter.



Well, I quite like it but I still need some an actual ‘human touch’ to the product, interacting with a real world, getting out from a monitor.   

Luckily, we’ve got delivered cases for Galaxy Note 8 from the headquarter last week! So I was so confidence to make some beautify shots of them. But guess what I forgot, right, I haven’t got a Note 8 yet! How could it be possible to take a perfect photo of phone cases without an actually device?, especially for a ‘life-style’ photo. eg, what I posted on Instagram.

Wait, it is not the time to cry yet. Think about some fashion companies that create some cool photos of clothing, jewellery, and shoes on their own, without a chic model. Sometimes you are not really needing of a ‘subject’ - a mobile phone in this case- in order to just stay focus on objects’ features.

Let me share some of photos what I’ve practiced. I am not a professional photographer, but I have learnt in a college how to take a good shot of still objects.


Symmetry (2017) VRS Design + Roory, a mobile case with a pattern
 Crystal Bumper for Galaxy Note 8
Renaissance (2017) VRS Design + Roory, a mobile case with fabric
Crystal Bumper & Damda Glide for Galaxy Note 8

Please note that, these photos are exclusively available on this blog as I think they are not ready to be posted on Instagram yet.  

I always prefer to give a name to photo or work of art rather than remain it in a name of ‘Untitled’. I believe that a title is enhancing a particular mood of picture 

‘Untitled’ is only preferred when I make a document or graphic work, and a programme automatically names it as ‘Untitled_1’, thanks for that.

Hopefully I can share some better experimental photos through Instagram after fabricated them to be more attractive (tried to avoid saying, ‘marketable’).

Alright, I think it is enough for today. See you on issue number 3!



Black Blue Coral Crystal Bumper Damda Glide email Galaxy Note 8 Samsung vrs design

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