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Behind the homepage #3

Posted by Roory L on

All about Autumn.

Thanks for new season. It is perfect moment to flourish your autumn with some autumn-ish items. I’ve changed my phone case to Layered Dandy, from Damda Clip. I am such a huge fan of Damda Clip as it makes my life much more convenient. I couldn’t give up a case with compartment, so I transferred into Layered Dandy which has more pockets to store daily essentials. Now I am ready to celebrate this lovely new season.

Leatherally, Autumn.


Why are leather products and all bown-ish colours best friends of Autumn?

I really didn’t think the autumn has come before I saw a lovely blushed red and brown leaves near the office. As soon as I looked up and saw brown leaves and clear blue sky, the word Autumn popped in my mind with no hesitation. We have always promoted a campaign according to each season as each season has a powerful narrative itself so that is unnecessary to explain it. And now, another season has come, why not just talk about it?

Ah, just forgot.. sadly, there is no Wine Red colour anymore in our new arrivals after Note 8. But luckily, as I spoke autumn with blue sky, we have another new colours to represent new season.

Deepsea Blue has come exclusively available for Note 8. Not just for a bumper part, but for a whole body! This is our very first coloured TPU for High Pro Shield (and Orchid Grey colour is also available). So as a humble gratitude, I must introduce this blue buddy to whom may regularly read this blog.


Crystal Bumper and High Pro Shield S [Deepsea Blue] for Galaxy Note 8






Damda Glide for Galaxy Note 8


Voila! What is your choice? A colour of clear blue sky or Blushed leaves for this autumn? No worries, getting both won’t hurt you at all.

Crystal Bumper Damda Glide Galaxy Note 8 High Pro Shield High Pro Shield S

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