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Why iphone X will be so successful despite its ground-breaking price

Apple’s new iphone X is the “Future of smartphone design” and will probably overtake smartphone sales of other competitors despite its roof-breaking £1000 price tag.



Its ground-breaking price tag is what doubles its prestigious brand proposition. Successfully weighting the balance between the lots of new features with the price tag is what differentiates Apple from its competitors. In my opinion, Apple has no fear of perfection and diminishes anxiety over an action. In other words, even Apple can make mistakes but they are not anxious about it because the price tag proves the level of confidence.

Consumer behaviour at its best

Marketing using consumer behaviour insight is how Apple succeeds. Once a consumer purchases a product or downloads iTunes, Apple can correlate these Big data and gain significant competitive advantage over knowing what drives the purchase behaviour. “Change” could be one of the triggers that drive the purchase behaviour. Apple had just announced Face ID and, as expected, we are already seeing a lot of stress and sensationalism. Just like we did with Touch ID.

Creating a value proposition with The Golden Circle Theory


The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek explains how to truly differentiate a brand when most fail. The Golden Circle theory states that people do not buy what a brand does, instead they buy why they do it.

A sample marketing message Sinek gives from Apple says,

“Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly. We just happen to make great computers. Want to buy one?”.


What VRS Design should aim to do

Consumer behaviour marketing is a core competency of any good strategy providing actionable insight and adding competitive advantage. The Golden Circle theory draws clearly as its key driver.  It is extremely easy for any leader to articulate “what” they do but this only engages with the neocortex part of our brain which is less of a driver of decision making than the limbic brain.

(Limbic brain is responsible for the experience and expression of emotion and Neocortex is responsible for sensory perception, conscious thought and spatial reasoning)

Ultimately, Apple is an excellent case study of an organisation that understands consumer behaviour better than anybody. VRS Design must start from “Why” and “How” rather than focusing on “What” during the early stage of design process.

What are your opinions on our latest line ups for the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8?

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