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2 in 1 Damda Folder Case

Posted by Ryan Jisan Son on

  1. Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Damda Folder

          “It recalls past experiences of flip or clamshell mobile phone”.


When the clamshell is open, the device is up and ready to be used. This concept used to be the most popular form factor for cellular phones globally as you remember. However, with the advent of smartphones, clamshell has lost its popularity to phones with slide out keyboards and touchscreen slate phones. But some people out there still miss them. Let’s look at some reasons why we miss our old clamshell phones.

  1. You miss sassily snapping your phone open or closed.
  2. You crave the feeling of physically hanging up on an annoying person.
  3. It was nearly impossible to crack it, if dropped.
  4. Simple and user-friendly menu of functions that require no tutorials.
  5. It gives you more privacy.

Japanese consumers were the longest fans of clamshell phones amongst most advanced nations. As the trend finally phase out, our beautiful memories made with clamshell phones gradually deteriorate.

(Japan’s mobile market,

Do not worry though. VRS Design has come up with a solution once and for all. 2 birds in 1 stone for those who seek for rejuvenation of reminiscence. Touch screen on the front and clamshell at the back. There is no therapeutic alleviation in touching a circular red infographic to end a call with a very frustrating person, unless you have VRS Design Damda Folder case. Not only will it give you 5 cards storage on the back to replace your thick wallet but you will also be able to physically slam the phone closed. Do you remember when you had a row with your parents or friends, you would really appreciate the opportunity to slam the door closed. This Damda Folder case has a special mechanism that brings you “sassily snapping feeling” you experienced with clamshell phones. As you could already imagine the durability of your old clamshell phones, this case is shockproof, anti-scratch and drop resistant with MIL-STD810G Military drop test standards.

Live smarter with our Damda Folder case for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus.


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