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One-in-four Smartphone Owners Don't Use a Case to Protect Their Phone According to NPD

In a hustle and bustle of digital life, smartphones have become more than just a necessity. They could do so much more than we know it is capable of, yet most of us miss out on some of these incredible functionalities. In fact, we do some stupid things with them. According to a survey commissioned by T-Mobile, nearly half of all smartphone owners have had their phones lost, stolen or damaged. Statistics include 29% of those have dropped it down the stairs, 37% have scratched the screen, and 20% have dropped it in the toilet [source: Kelton Research Smartphone Protection Survey].  

Protecting a smartphone with a case is a no-brainer but do they actually work? They add bulk and diminish the aesthetics of our phones. If not careful, they can even damage our phones. Dirt and debris can get caught between the case and the phone that can scratch the phone’s aesthetics. There are some drawbacks of using these cases but on the other hand, there are outweighing aspects. They can protect your phone under many circumstances unless you launch your phone off your roof. Just make sure to check for certified drop protection before purchase.

Plus, with some luxurious smartphones such as an iPhone have extremely sleek but slick finishes. There are many brands such as VRS Design that design a grippy case to prevent you from dropping it. But does this mean iPhone users are more likely to use cases? If yes, would it be because of its vulnerability or perhaps teenagers whom considered Apple’s main target markets are less prudent compared to Android owners?

Source: The NPD Group/Smartphone Case Segmentation Study


IPhone owners > Android owners

“Case usage among iPhone owners is higher than any other phone type,” said Ben Arnold, executive director, industry analyst at NPD“.

The research has also shown that iPhone owners are more likely to own multiple cases during the lifespan of their phone. Nearly half of iPhone owners were attached to more than one case to their device during its lifespan and a quarter own more than one to change the look of their phone.


Consumer Segment Descriptions
Quality Protector: Ultimate goal is to preserve their smartphone.
Fashionista: Considers the style/fashion of cases to be of paramount importance.
Cute and Cheap: Similar to Fashionistas, but considerably more sensitive to cost.
Basic Protector: Tends to be the least selective and doesn’t put much thought into the case selection process.
Savvy Enthusiast: Overly enthusiastic about cases and technology, in general.


With so many types of consumer segments to consider, it appeals for phone case brands to focus “on ultra slim case form factors and materials that both protect and maintain the phone’s design integrity” (Ben Arnold). VRS Design are one of the innovative brands who has implemented a holistic approach to meet the needs of emerging consumer segments with the upcoming release of Note 8 and iPhone 8.



Ultimately, there is not enough evidence to prove why there are significantly higher protective case usage among iPhone owners hence age seems to be somewhat irrelevant. However, one thing to confidently note is this. Every single user has different wants and needs; VRS Design has focused on inclusive design to fulfil the needs of the diversity of people. You can view them here.


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