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We have recently shown our new design, ‘Hard Drop Waved’ for Galaxy S8/S8+. You may have seen this pal already, it has several parallel lines on the back. If you have been a close friend with us, it reminds you of our previous model ‘Triple Mixx’ for Galaxy S7 series. For this time, it has negative carving for parallel lines also we gave new name to it, ‘Waved’ in order to make it more dynamic and sporty-looking.

Actually, there is a behind story about the name of ‘waved’ that the design has a secondary name which is a word of ‘furrow’. I guess you already imagined a typical farm right after I mentioned furrow. I personally prefer this name to waved as it directly defines appearance of the design without any hint or irony.    

Imagine, carving parallel lines with a bow-rake on back of the cover just like using a bow-rake in a farm for gardening or loosening soil (unfortunately, not enough space for seeding on this cover).

What else does it possibly remind you of? I have found a plenty of item during our daily routine that has an array of straight lines such as a radiator on the wall, strings of guitar, or even a pack of dried spaghetti on a cupboard. These artificially created seamless patterns make us comfortable with a symmetric beauty (as well as efficiently perform its purpose of course)



Now, we never thought about the life it was when we did not use a smartphone or did not know what that is. And also the design of it have evolved within a simple and less-decorated form. Thus some people would like to combine their mobile with an image of nature; animals, plants or patterns of animal skin. It might be considered that using a nature-reflected design case is an act of reducing a device’s artificialness and obtaining a nature-like identity. 

VRS Design however, have not released any range of decorative design so we think our products enhance a device’s artificialness as much as possible adding designs with straight lines and metallic colours. Would you like to explore some of our products for amplifying  artificial beauty of your mobile?


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