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Globally loved, High Pro Shield

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We love get on a main stream as it seems cool and trendy. Following cool and trendy thing is top priority of fashion industry, further, they make their own core trend and mainstream for each season. That is why a lot of Bestseller is always on the top of every list and frequently exposed, the more you have seen, the more buy-able.

We also have an unchanged bestseller, High Pro Shield [Steel Silver] across most device and colour. I understand this phenomenon as it looks sleek, smart and chic on top of that, a reasonable price. This pal is perfect for your daily mobile fashion. Not only in UK, but it is extremely popular all around our European markets. Especially in Germany, according to our 3 months sales data, High Pro Shield [Steel Silver] is the bestselling item for all series of Galaxy, iPhone and LG except iPhone 7/Plus. It clearly shows that High Pro Shield [Steel Silver] is undoubtedly loved by German. No matter what type of device they have, they’ve chose same design and colour.

But on the other hand, it is sad to say that I could not find a super unique element from the data. Wait, did I say ‘except iPhone 7/Plus’ before? Yes, there is a difference! Guess which is the most popular design for iPhone 7/Plus in Germany?

He is a part of TPU cover family but no bumper, Simpli Fit (aka Single Fit). Sales of iPhone 7/Plus case is pretty special to us as their second bestseller is completely different from the first. For iPhone 7, the second bestseller is Crystal Bumper [Rose Gold] and for 7 Plus is Damda Glide [Steel Silver] while all other devices’ second bestseller is still sharing High Pro Shield in different colours. Oh, I almost forgot, Layered Dandy [Coffee Brown] colour is the bestseller in Galaxy S8! We’ve got another unique design and it is a leather production!

Majority of our customers need a phone case with a simple but protective layer as they do not want to diminish the iPhone’s aesthetic benefit, but still need a simple peel protecting from harsh environment out there. Yet, some customers still want a case act more than just a mobile phone’s peel. They rather want it to make use of phone with a Kickstand or Card compartment as a companion of their own lifestyles.

Black Crystal Bumper Damda Glide Galaxy S8 Germany High Pro Shield iPhone 7 Layered Dandy Rose Gold Simpli Fit Steel Silver UK

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