Joy of minimalist living

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 At this exact moment, which of the following is closest to you:
your wallet, your keys or your phone?

The answer is most likely your phone. Phones have adapted to everyone’s lifestyle as something of necessity. They are the things that most quickly induce nausea if they disappear from our eye line. Congratulations, you have just experienced nomophobia (no-mobile phobia) – the fear of being without, or losing your mobile phone.

According to a survey commissioned by T-Mobile, nearly 50% of all smartphone owners have had their phones lost, stolen or damaged. Now the question is, how do we prevent this? How can we stop losing our phones?

The answer is simple, own less things. Think simple, if you own less things, there is more commitment shared to your possessions.  Galaxy S8/S8+ Damda Glide case by VRS Design can help your de-cluttering process. You may find it difficult to let go of certain items in the beginning but constantly ask yourself “Does this thing add value to my life” (The joy of minimalist living, BBC).

US Consumer payment study in 2016 by TSYS asked consumers how many cards they use.

Majority of respondents use less than 2 cards but how much free space do your wallets have right now? Probably none. How often do you go shopping with a load of cash in your wallet? Probably never, for the sake of safe shopping.

I remember once when I spent £200 with a debit card but little did I know I had withdrawn a load of cash from ATM few minutes ago. Cash is becoming more and more unfriendly as assistive technology is gradually adapting to human society. People are reaching for easier access to save their time and hassle.

To conclude, regardless of the payment type used, consumers care about security, ease of use and control. Damda Glide has all these 3 core values. 1) It has all-around heavy duty protection with military grade that keeps your phone safe from accidental drops or falls hence its unique design stops your screen and camera from touching any rough surfaces. 2) The Damda Glide secures your device and cards for quick and easy access using a novel semi-automatic mechanism.

3) Take control of your possessions and glide through the joy of minimalist lifestyle with our Galaxy S8/S8+ Damda Gilde.

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