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Live smart

Posted by Ryan Jisan Son on

The Galaxy J5 is built on the same design philosophy of Samsung’s earlier flagship devices such as the S4, S3 and a number of Duos smartphones. They are certainly not appealing, instead a bit monotonous. J5 has made compromises in many areas such as performance and overall build quality in order to keep the costs low and price to be as competitive as possible.

Its plastic outer frame does not protect well against water or shock damage hence its glossy finish only adds more of gooey feeling to it compared to the latest Samsung’s mid-range A series. Although the latest version of the A5 is almost double the price of the J5 which is quite forgivable.

The most important thing is that it feels sturdy like Nokia phones but obviously needs improvement on the aesthetic part and impact resistance. All in all, it is a very nice all-rounder phone that can stand up proudly alongside handsets twice its price. If, however you wish to own your J5 like a boss, you may want to look out for the newest phone case designed and manufactured by an emerging South Korean business. VRS Design has listened and fulfilled on what fellow Korean business, Samsung has missed out on Galaxy J5.

Galaxy J5 Single Fit case by VRS Design features:

  • Tough hybrid construction offers superior protection
  • Slim-fitting for optimum comfort and a natural grip
  • Raised edges protect your device's display
  • Attractive two-tone aesthetics
  • Access to all features and ports

Featuring a tough yet flexible composite construction, consisting of a premium shock-resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethane also provides a tactile grip with a sophisticatedly brushed line. It also has an air-space structure guards against accidental scratches and drops which is exactly what J5 needs.

Why spend a double price when you can be better for a half price? Live smart.

Galaxy J5

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