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Mod-ern became Trad-itional, but the Trad will be new Mod

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Simpli Mod is a VRS Design’s distinctive model which represents and depicts a certain type of culture for the first time

‘Mod’ is included in category of subculture which was widely spread throughout United Kingdom in 1960s and also other European countries, (even United States as a part of British Invasion). Rejecting older generation’s dull and old-fashioned style and culture, Mod is a group of stylish London-based young man who enjoy particular genres of music; modern jazz, soul, and R&B and classic outfits ; tailor suits. Further they were always with an Italian style motorbike.  


Style of Mod

It is difficult and never easy to explain a certain cultural form in single sentence, as Mod is also mixed with various modes of style. It is a mixture of existing styles, symbols and artefacts in nontraditional way. For example, majority of mods adopted new Italian or French styles for sophisticate and dandy looking with-

customising tailor-made suits with narrow lapels (sometimes made of mohair), thin ties, button-down collar shirts, wool or cashmere jumpers (crewneck or V-neck), Chelsea or Beatle boots, loafers, Clarks desert boots, bowling shoes, and hairstyles that imitated the look of French Nouvelle Vague film actors. *(Casburn, Melissa M., A Concise History of the British Mod Movement)

Mods in the other hand, went with an opposite style using a make-up kit; eye shadow or lipsticks for gender blurring.


Coffee bars

Mods also kept them away from a pub where was a centre of traditional gathering place for English working class. They rather gathered at a coffee bar where was a new venue for trendy young people from diverse backgrounds. The place often came with jukeboxes that made it possible to bring one’s own vinyl for jazz and R&B music so that it was a perfect place for building mode for Mods.


Dandy but army-like


Most interestingly, Mods who are dressed in dandy suits, they tended to cover their clothes with a military parka for the purpose of keeping their clothes clean from dust and oil also for same reason, their scooters are concealing wheels and all other moving parts. Further, this sort of motorbike is a symbol of Italian style just accordingly with their way of fashion.


Simply Be a Mod

A mechanism of Mod’s fashion is combination of inner-classic and outer-military. VRS Design’s Simpli Mod signifies this dual-styled fashion. We are happy to present our Simpli Mod’s to whom was, be a Mod or wants to be a Mod if you are fascinated in this hybrid style with classic and metallic which symbolises Mod’s ethos combining classy leather and metallic Polycarbonate.

Be part of the movement ‘Revival of Mods’ starting with this Simpli Mod case with your new device and make new style of Mod again.



More detail for VRS Design's Simpli Mod, click each image below


Simpli Mod from left : for Galaxy S8, LG G6, Galaxy A3(2017) and A5(2017)
Galaxy A3 Galaxy A5 Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 Plus LG G6 Simpli Mod

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