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Matter of Monotone

Posted by Roory L on

Colourful, monotone, or transparent?

Doesn’t really matter. We have all range of colour option to cover your device


Colourful – for whom desperately needs colourful cases for a device.

Monotone – for whom needs a calm moment with black or white. 

Transparent - for whom wants to reveal a device’s innate beauty.


Hello mobile fashion-folks, it has been a while last time we wrote about something new. Recent days, the whole storefront was full of colours to celebrate VRS Design's new line up and their new colour line up, Damda Folder for iPhone X  


While planning Black Friday sale, something popped in my mind that we have too much talked about colourfulness of our products. Speaking of Black Friday, it might be a good excuse to feature black or white cases under the name of Black Friday.

Skin Fit [Black] for iPhone X


Every morning, open my wardrobe, I regret that I’ve turned a blind eye to black and white dresses as they are not really as attractive as colourful and vivid one. You must need a calm colour, just like sometimes you desperately need of simple, unsalted, sugar-free or lightly seasoned-food rather than fully savoured cuisines. So made promise myself, 'next time, pay more attention on shopping black, white or other colours that could be well co-existed with all range of colours.' I know, it is not easy at all as I am the person who was born to desire something colourful, something that sparkles around your vision. But I must try some black and white to tone down or semi-neutralise colourful items.



Damda Glide [Metal Black], [Cream White] for iPhone X


If you have same problem like me, good to start to be less vivid from small scale but daily item of your life, mobile phone case. We have wide range of black or white covers from glossy to matte, soft to hard, and protective to thin. Depend on your choice.


Black Damda folder Damda Glide Fashion iPhone 10 iPhone X Skin Fit White

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