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Nail Polish, a best companion for mobile phone case

Posted by Roory L on

I feel terrible to say, playing with nail polish is 'a field of femininity' as I always feel terrible to differentiate between what masculinity and femininity. But I admit, some boys wouldn’t dare to try beautiful nail polish on their finger nails. I found that is such a waste and pity. Finger nail and toe nail is a perfect canvas for expressing one’s artistic and craft skill, or hiring someone’s talent for good. Regardless of its tiny size of estate, it is always eye-catching.  

Especially in this tech fashion industry, hands are the most crucial part when you take some marketable photos. For a mobile, most of times it is being held by someone’s hand. So a hand is inevitably exposed with a product for good. For a flawless photo, am I preparing or hiring a perfect, healthy and elegant hand to get more ‘marketable’ pictures? I would say No. I would rather, hunt a natural-looking hand with decent coloured finger nails. Speaking of colour, thanks god our products have a variety of colour option that we could practice with a lot of experimental colour matches.


This time I hired red and silver nail polished hands with Crystal Bumper and High Pro Shield S for iPhone 8. I shall give a choice, inflame red and black, or icy silver and white?

Bumper Clear Crystal Bumper High Pro Shield S iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus

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