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We sent Damda Clip case to one of the top lifestyle reviewer, Itsemified; who is a law school student from Philippines.  We were extremely lucky to have her try one of our products.

Itsemified wanted a case that offered ultimate protection without detracting or hindering the beauty of her phone and subtracting the weight of her daily mundane. This is exactly what Damda Clip is capable of. “Damda” means to store things in Korean. Damda Clip makes it possible to access cards with the least amount of physical activity. Amongst all Damda Series, one of her option was Damda Clip. Here you can read a sharp-witted and honest review of a law school student, Itsemified.




Finding the perfect iPhone case wouldn’t be easy and definitely wouldn’t be cheap. With numerous brands out there, promising theirs would be the best, only one managed to stay on the top of their game.

Just recently, I finally managed to get an authentic VRS Design Phone Case. Back in 2004, VRS Design (started out originally as Verus)  was just a specialty third party Apple accessories store, now they have expanded to offer Android accessories as well around the globe.

While I was browsing in their site, I noticed how amazing their iPhone cases were. I absolutely loved that there was a lot of variety of choices in their UK branch.

One case quickly captured my heart.

Their Damda Clip for iPhone 6 in Rose Gold was such a winner for me. Everything I would want in a phone case was in here. Hell, I even pretty much think that it was made for someone like me!


If you were like me, who…

  • want their case to be durable and can withstand high impacts

  • want their case to be utterly functional

  • want their case to be rubberized so that you wouldn’t have a hard time removing your phone from your case

  • want their case to look sleek and modern

….then, this case would be meant for you!


The case came with a certificate of authenticity that served as its warranty. A serial number was located at the back so feel free to check if you want to verify your VRS Design phone case.




I handle my things with great amount of care but sometimes accidents happen. Unfortunately, most of those accidents involve me dropping my phone. My bed would be about 2ft tall from the floor so dropping my phone was such a no-brainer. It wasn’t long before my VRS Design case actually dropped. *shrieks*

Thank my lucky stars (or much credits belonged to the phone case’s technology) that there was NOT a single scratch on either my PHONE or CASE. You guys should have seen my sigh of relief as I picked the phone up. Now I can count on VRS Design to protect my phone from my blunders.




I do love to dress up but there came times that I was too lazy to even bother trying. Heck, I even thought of just leaving my bag but where would I put my essentials (phone and money)?

The Damda Clip was a lifesaver. Its built-in clip can carry both cash and card. The clip’s grip was strong enough to carry a non-slipping stack of cash but not too strong that it would leave a damage on your money.




I love a tough case but I don’t want to have a hard time removing it. You know what I mean?? I had always been leaning towards rubberized or silicone cases but they weren’t as durable as polycarbonate cases.

VRS Design’s Damda Clip case would be a combination of both. Its durable casing served as its exterior while the rubberized border tucks fittingly your phone.




Of course, this phone case has the classic and modern design to it. Ever since Pantone’s 2016 color, Rose Gold, went out in the market, consumers have been buying crazily anything with Rose Gold in it (even up to now!). In time with the trends, VRS Design has been producing countless stylish cases.


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