The War of the Eights

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The Samsung Galaxy S8+ surpassed the Apple iPhone 7 Plus in daily revenue per active user last month in North America. sourcedeltaDNA

The War of the Eights

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ surpassed the Apple iPhone 7 Plus in a style by daily revenue conversion rates. The fact that iOS games monetise more effectively than those on Android is well known, what’s fascinating is how the screen size and performance of the device contribute massively to strong monetisation. Samsung has successfully pulled it this year but with the upcoming rebellion of the Eights, things may turn around.

The rebellion of the Eights is roaring up to release its new iPhone in a few weeks’ time. They are expected to mark a radical change with an enlarged, elongated screen.

Nodus's Full Line up of Phone case


  1. Extremely simple and iconic logo
  2. Great detail in leather fabrication


  1. Extremely expensive
  2. No mechanism
  3. Only for iPhone users

One of their strategic implementations include luxurious phone case maker, Nodus who delved deep towards and only for Apple iPhone’s enrichment. Just as exciting to see what Nodus has prepared for the iPhone’s 10th birthday, we ought to remember who is winning the war right now. Samsung on the other hand has a plan B that should not be underestimated.They have an experienced phone case experts, VRS Design who has been flawlessly producing seamless designs with pure quality. These guys have been forging the same path for over 13 years, there is simply no competition.

VRS Design


  1. Multifaceted - They have over 12 different types of designs with their own patented mechanism.
  2. Cheap
  3. Durable (impact resistant)
  4. For both Android and IOS users


  1. Overwhelming range of products


Key to win the war

Phone cases are pivotal in winning this war when both disciplines have such an incremental differentiating characteristic. As a matter of fact, it will depend on who takes a more advantage from the phone cases. At the end of the day, it will be about which phone lasts longer. Will you be going for a luxurious branded look? Or will you go for a multifaceted trustworthy phone case.

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