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Thing that is included in a product image, but not for sale.

Posted by Roory L on


We impress you with a product, also with an image.





If you regularly shop a mobile phone or accessories, you might recognise each brand has their own wall-paper design on a screen area. For instance, Samsung has used a simplified design of number which signifies their series number or alphabet(except S8 with a view of galaxy). And Apple gives an accent with a high-definition image of simple objects on iPhone. These wall-papers are indirectly supporting brand identity as they are also a part of product when they are selling it taking major portion from whole product image. An image for wall-paper is better to be simple but not a vague since it should be visible than other product, particularly market places with more competitive environment such as Amazon or ebay.  The shape of smartphone is simple, fine-cut, and high-ended so the wall-paper area is a only allowed real estate for expressing products to add some dynamics.

Every season for new device, I also look forward to see new wall papers on new product designed by VRS Design Lab. Please have a look design of VRS Design’s wall papers, they have changed its style but make consistency within same device.



Our recent design for Galaxy S8 has a combination with 3 different colours with a bit of shade on each corner. Some people might have seen our first wall-paper for Galaxy S8 which is a landscape of winter forest. As we consistently used an image of nature for wall paper since iPhone 6, it is time to make more creative and have personalised images, made by VRS Design, rather than importing an already existed image on the web that you have seen somewhere else; a photo of stylish person (mostly woman), peaceful scenery, and colourful daily objects. So it has been replaced into a current image but same colour range with cold-ish hue.

Interestingly, customers sometimes ask where they could get a certain wall paper from or ask us to send it to them. Well, it would be great if we could send an image file to them but we have a mundane answer for that, ‘It is not for sale, but only for display’.



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