We all have known. Yes, iPhone X(aka iPhone ten)

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Image courtesy of Apple


We love rumours, because they are generally credible.


A vertically settled camera, two round ears on the top of display, and name of iPhone X. Those rumours and leaks were correct so far after iPhone X has been revealed. Now we can enjoy official images and an authentic product as much as we love, not in a mousy way anymore. Every new device is always showing off their realistic beauty to the world, with much better and nicer appearance than leaks just like iPhone X does.


Wait, some points we have missed about iPhone X’s sibling, iPhone 8/8 Plus. Their ‘new colour’ which is quite sensational. Apple does not fancy their regular colour lineup at this time; shine gold and rose gold. But we must welcome and celebrate the birth of Apple’s new pigment, Gold – a grapefruit lemonade colour for me-.



Image (right) courtesy of The Casual Craftlete


What about pricing of them? Well, it is quite tricky to give an opinion about that… As Note 8 has escalated their price to $999 nearly touching 4 digits. But it might be a fantastic pricing for Apple to make new iPhone pricey too.


‘£999? We definitely deserve more than that! But we are generous and mercy, match the price with Samsung’

And of course it is iPhone's 10th anniversary this year. Make it much rarer, special and even collectible as iPhone X will be a iPhone’s monumental device.

Boom, £1000 - £1 ! If you are not sure of getting this lad then you can postpone your decision until 27 Oct. Or if you fancy it, please browse some new clothing for him in advance. We’ve got a plenty of new arrival for iPhone X and iPhone 8/8Plus.  

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