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What is your preferred method of payment when making purchases?

Posted by Ryan Jisan Son on

Cash vs Credit card

Studies show 80% of respondents use their Debit card to pay for everyday purchases such as gas, meals and groceries, etc. Mobile payments are slowly dissolving as mainstream as consumers typically gravitate toward convenience especially so during the busy holiday shopping season.

As we do, we tend to seek for slightly more of a minimalist wallet that can help us be less distracted from insecurity of our possessions whilst shopping. Yes, you have guessed it right, Phones and wallets are sometimes a hassle especially for muscular men as they add bulk in your pocket and make you look rather strange and unattractive. You probably have already witnessed a muscular man wearing skinny jeans with both pockets filled with his sweaty phone and a fat wallet on a hot summer. They certainly look out of shape.

Well, there is a solution for you. This exquisite Layered Dandy Galaxy S8 Plus case kills two birds with one stone. As you can see on this beautifully presented “Product Features” below, it is meticulously designed to boost your lifestyle with as little as £18.99. It is as slim and elegant as it gets but blimey it also protects your phone!

Although there are some drawbacks, whether you chose to wear leather usually depends on your stance towards vegetarian or carnivore. The softest, most luxurious leather comes from the skin of new-born or even unborn calves. If none of this trouble you then buying leather goods poses no drawback. Oh, wait I forgot to mention something. Layered Dandy is composed of Premium synthetic leather designed not only for protecting from all scratches and drops, but boosting overall aesthetics of your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Why wait? Have it a go.

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