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The Iron-hearted aluminium wears flowery colour

Posted by Roory L on

       Galaxy S8 / S8+ has been unpacked and revealed its aesthetics and speck of software to public. Regardless we haven’t touched and seen it closely yet, we all confirmed there is a new colour variation for Galaxy S8 / S8+, Orchid Grey. It is new-born colour trend made by Samsung for Galaxy S8 / S8+.



For mobile accessories targeting these specific colour, bringing out an exact colour of a device is essential as a case should reflect same colour of device. Regarding each new released colour, VRS Design has adapted the original name of colour rather than use our own name in order to deliver familiarity to customers. I would say that our collection of Orchid Grey cases shares the most similar colour data with Samsung’s Orchid Grey as we did on Apple’ Rose Gold.

At this point, newly released Orchid Grey gives some food for thoughts about philosophy of metallic colour particular relating with mobile phone.   

Florence Ion from Android Central wrote, ‘The color is called Orchid Gray and it's a lilac-hued pastel that's unlike the shiny golds and reflective silver-covered phone bodies we've seen proliferating throughout the industry. This is no girly rose-gold either — Orchid Gray is indubitably gender neutral, which is exactly the way smartphone design should be’

Agree with the opinion, a colour of Rose Gold is precisely targeting who are looking for more lovely, warm and sweet colour variation while Orchid Grey is more iron-like darkened purple which might be more interested by much broader targets. Violet has been used for a colour of queen and loyal, but at the same time, it is a queeny colour for blurring gender borderline.

Nevertheless, I am not here for comparing and making a decision which is winner of this colour match, but studying a colour trend of smartphone in modern world.


We are now undoubtedly familiar with iPhone's Rose Gold colour. Rose Gold was a sensational and unconventional colour as a sense of words; Rose has a sense of blooming and aroma, and Gold has a sense of metal and cold. Apple successfully assemblages those two different definitions within one particular pigment. A smartphone is one of the most artificially and intelligently made product, but names of their colour are absolutely nature-friendly borrowing name from flower. Whenever I look at iPhone Rose Gold, I would like to touch it as it seems very soft, creamy and warm. But we all know iPhone itself is always a piece of cold and even freezing aluminium. A name of colour may reconstructs our mind set of how we feel and think of metallic device.

We are not 100% sure that Samsung also would like to show their own version of metallic + emotional colour, but surely this new colour is much colder looking than Apple's Rose Gold. Orchid Grey / Rose Gold, Samsung and Apple's naming of their symbolic colour, is sharing same structure that name of flower and colour. As Rose Gold is a merged word with bloom and shine, Rose Gold iPhone gives a sense of softness and warm, whilst Orchid Grey has a mood of elegance and shadowy giving a sense of calmness.  

When you hear a certain word which is stating a particularly organic object, you will instantly visualise it merging your own experience then bring this visualised thought to the object. Apple’s Rose Gold and Samsung’s Orchid Grey are simultaneously triggering this imagination towards natural objects; flowers. They are borrowing meaning of words itself as well as ethos of words each user has their own experience regarding a specific colour. What memories occurred within your mind when you are hearing Orchid Grey(or Rose Gold), a garden full of elegant orchid? or a wild purple orchid has grown with a small patch of soil between a grey cement?


Orchid Grey cases for Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus, and Rose Gold cases for iPhone and other devices is available in VRS Design UK. Please click photos below for more details. 





Orchid Grey lineup for Galaxy S8/S8 Plus from left to right: Terra Guard, Hard Drop, Damda Glide, Damda Folder, High Pro Shield, Crystal Bumper, Hard Drop Waved 

Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 Plus iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus Orchid Grey Rose Gold

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