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We talked about flowery colours on our first article, then it’s time to move on the next stage for looking into VRS Design’s colour matter.

I have sorted all names of colour from VRS Design’s products since iPhone 6 case, and then realised we are loving to make a new colour variation every each season of new device. For iPhone 7, we have added a lot of colour variations with our new Steel Blue and Titanium Black.

Have you found any particular colours you love?

   Apart from devices’ unique names; Blue Coral, Rose Gold, or Really Blue and so on, we have created our own colour variation that never changed for long time which are Steel Silver (or Dark Silver), Satin Silver (or Light Silver), and Shine Gold. These three colours are  always presented by all major smartphone companies as they are ‘The three musketeers’ to enhance devices’ aluminium-looking.

VRS Design has released a huge range of greyscale, between Black and white, there is Black, Jet Black, Phantom Black, Grey, Steel Silver, Smokey Grey, Silver, Satin Silver. Black is perfectly matching all other colour, this is one of the reason why High Pro Shield’s body is consistently matte black and enjoying a touch of colour with its bumper.



Sadly, there are currently two colour options only for Galaxy S8 and S8+; Midnight Black and Orchid Grey in UK. To be traditional or not to be traditional that is the questions. But as you know, VRS Design always makes options as many as possible for you. If you choose a Midnight black, then you bring a colour for your device. Or if you have the orchid grey one, please try VRS Design’s Orchid Grey to see how well they are matched each other.

Galaxy S8 iPhone 7 Orchid Grey

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